Toxic Mold

Friday, October 11th 2013. | Info Harga Smartphone

Anywhere there is moisture that sits for a prolonged time period and a food source, you are most likely going to find mold. That is why a favorite hiding and breeding place for molds (fungi) is in and on the drains (pipe sweating) of your property.

According to the Plumber in Rosebud, VIC, our drains serve as the delivery mechanism of all the dirty water and food wastes that your property produces and delivers it to the city sewer pipes. Over time, these wastes such as human hair, dead skin, and old food deposits start to build up.

This build up is the perfect food for various molds and bacteria that will start to grow on the inside of the pipes if you do not clean and maintain them properly.


As these microorganisms start to thrive, they reproduce more offspring as millions die to then become food for the new generation of microbes. Before you know it, your drains will be covered in a thick pathogenic and toxic bio slime that will create a foul smell. Worse yet, this thick mold sludge may also lead to clogged pipes and extensive water damage. That is the last thing you want to happen!

Is there an odd or foul smell coming from your drains?
Think of the odor as a warning sign that something in wrong with your drains.

If so, you most likely have a mold problem or the sewer gasses are leaking into your home from the drains. This may also be a sign that your drain is not properly installed and or the lead seal around the drain has failed or become rotten. Sometimes when the lead seal fails, people will attempt a cheap fix by trying to caulk it with silicone which rarely lasts.

In order to locate the problem, you will need to do is take off the drain cover and perform a visual inspection of the drain pipe and seal. What you are looking for is mold growth and any gaps around the drain pipe and shower pan.

If there is a gap around the pipe, then you most likely have a serious water damage and mold issue hiding within your floors where the pipe is located. If it located on an upper story of a multi-story property, you most likely now have water damage and mold running down to the bottom floors.

For example, here is an image with a shower drain pipe that is not only installed incorrectly, it also has black mold in and around the pipe.

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